Truck groups

The Major Categories of Trucks

There are a number of ways of classifying trucks with most trucks falling into three major classifications. These are light trucks, medium trucks and heavy trucks. There are also very heavy trucks and transporters, for example, those who haul oversized and special cargo. There are also those that are off-road which are usually used in mining locations.

Different countries have a different classification for trucks in their automobile categories. In Britain for example, any car above 7.5 tons is considered heavy with an additional 750 kgs allowed if its towing. Meanwhile, after 1997, the government reduced the tonnage for light vehicles to 3.5 tons.

Light Trucks.                                                                                                                   On the lower end, there is the mini truck as well as the light truck. Pickup trucks are larger than mini-trucks but lighter than medium sized trucks. In the US, all trucks below 6.3 tons are considered light trucks. Minivans, Sports utility vehicles, pickup trucks, canopy express and panel trucks are all light trucks. Under this category, you also have panel vans, tow trucks, cab forward, and sedan delivery. Point to note is that there are tow trucks that also fall in the medium and heavy trucks categories.

Medium trucks                                                                                                                    In this category all trucks are larger than light trucks but lighter than the heavy trucks. They usually weigh between 6.3 tons and 11.7 tons. In the US automobile categorization, a medium sized truck is larger than a heavy duty pickup. The box trucks, platform trucks, flatbed trucks, vans, cutaway van chassis, medium standard truck, medium duty truck and recreational vehicles fall into this category. Fire trucks and flatbed trucks have both medium-sized and heavy sized types. Delivery trucks, bottlers and multi-shop trucks are utility functions mostly fitted and associated with medium sized trucks.

Heavy trucks                                                                                                             Heavy duty trucks is a category that accommodates all trucks with a tonnage above the medium duty truck specifications. They fall under 11.7 tonnages up to 14.9 tons. Beyond this, there is no higher on-road classification for trucks. Concrete transport truck (cement mixer), log carriers, dump trucks, Tractor unit, Garbage truck, mobile crane, Tank truck and refrigerator trucks fall under his category.

Haul Trucks and Specialized Trucks                                                                  Vehicles in this category tend to be mostly off-road oriented. They are far too heavy and too large for use on highways without escorts, special permits and public announcements. In this category, we have the vehicles used to transport ALMA antennas. You also have the ballast tractor-a very heavy haul truck used to tow exceptional loads, heavy haulers, which have incredible power source and massive hauling capacities. Lastly, there are the off-road haul trucks used in mining operations

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